Due Diligence/Project Feasibility

    • Due diligence review of properties under purchase and sales agreements (PSA).
    • Project feasibility reviews/reports for new construction/tenant improvements.
    • Scope of work includes but not limited to:
      • Review of site development potential and entitlements.
      • Determination of code/permit restrictions/limits/requirements.
      • Infrastructure presently designed and/or in place:
        • Dry/wet utilities.
        • Roads/sidewalks.
        • Site storm water systems.
    • Investigation and reporting on site-specific issues including environmental, geo-tech, civil, habitat, forestry management practices and storm water management system design.
    • Meetings with local jurisdictions regarding building codes, entitlements, revisions and applicable requirements to specific site development work.
    • Complete reports/documentation on results/findings in a timely manner providing information to assist clients in final decision on transactions.

Real Property Evaluations

  • Investigate conditions of real properties owned by banks, trusts and individuals to determine entitlements and value-add considerations to improve options for disposal or acquisition.
    • Existing site permits, engineering, and environmental data in place.
    • Identify requirements to complete project work previously started.
    • Are permits valid and current?
    • Building design still viable and within zoning requirements?
    • Any increases in buffers or other green space impacts?
  • Other services include forest management practice evaluations, site engineering reviews, code research and meetings with local jurisdictions.

Construction Management/Site Inspections

  • Plan reviews for owners prior to and during construction.
    • Coordinate efforts with architects/engineers/contractors.
    • Design/review meetings and follow-up.
  • Construction budgets.
    • Prepare budgets for new, remodel and tenant improvement projects.
    • Send out Request for Proposals to contractors.
      • Track/compare/evaluate bids.
      • Negotiate as required.
      • Present final recommendations to clients for approval.
  • Construction schedule, drawing reviews and onsite work:
    • Develop schedules for all phases of construction.
    • Perform site survey reviews and field confirmation.
    • Site work design changes?
      • Do they make sense for field application?
      • How is budget affected?
      • Change orders vs. field revisions?
    • Project reports/updates to clients.
    • Other duties as assigned.
  • Construction controls – by NW Construction Control
    • Field inspections.
    • Progress reports for draw requests by contractors.
      • Proper % complete confirmed in monthly draw requests?
      • Monthly inspections to confirm progress to payments.
  • Data tracking for existing project and future ones for developers.

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